Men’s Engagement Ring Guide

Leonardo DiCaprio would never write a Men’s Engagement Ring Guide because he has never been the marrying type!

Leonardo DiCaprio Cannes 2019

However, most men still follow tradition. Tradition has long dictated that the man asks the woman he loves to marry him. A grand and romantic gesture is planned. He takes to the knee and presents an engagement ring as a sign of eternal love and commitment. But men’s engagement rings?

Can men wear engagement rings? Which hand would they wear it on? And who buys the engagement ring for a man? Do they actually wear them?

Read on for a valuable guide to men’s engagement rings and their emerging trends.


Men’s Engagement Rings – a New Trend?

Men’s engagement rings are most certainly emerging as a new trend. They have always been a niche market but with the increase of women’s empowerment, men have become more open to how they dress and accessorize.

Since 2007, jewelers have reported a 58% increase in requests for men’s engagement rings. Celebrities like Michael Bublé, Johnny Depp, Justin Bieber, and Ed Sheeran have all bucked with tradition and embraced the men’s engagement ring.

And In 2021, world-renowned jewelers, Tiffany’s, announced they were adding a range of gentlemen’s engagement rings to their brand.

Getting engaged is a mutual commitment. And it seems that the modern-day man with a strong sense of self-confidence is happy to get in on that excitement too.


What Do Men’s Engagement Rings Look Like?

Just as women have different tastes and prefer different styles of engagement rings, the same applies to men. No one style fits all, as they say.

Most engagement rings for men look similar to wedding bands. Some include diamonds or valuable gemstones. And others are made from simple wood, steel, or silver. It all depends on the man’s taste.

Ed Sheeran’s fiancé, for example, made his engagement ring herself from silver clay. And some men are wearing signet rings as engagement rings.

Check out this David Yurman contemporary, sculptured, automotive design made in sterling silver which features two rows of black pavé diamond bands from Farfetch the leading global platform for the luxury fashion industry.

Streamline silver ring from David Yurman


David Yurman’s Streamline ring with two rows of  Pave Diamonds


The History Of Engagement Rings

While the Egyptians began the tradition of wedding rings to symbolize a union for eternity, it was the Romans who started the custom of engagement rings.

Replacing the traditional dowry in the 2nd Century, Romans began giving a betrothal ring to show that a woman was ‘taken’ or promised to another.

And the engagement ring was born.

Archduke Maximillian of Austria was the first to commission an engagement ring with a diamond for his fiancé in 1477. This sparked a diamond ring trend among the European aristocracy at the time.

In 1947 DeBeers launched the slogan, “A Diamond is Forever”. And with this, a diamond ring became the global symbol of a lifetime commitment between two people.

Check out this sterling silver manly square-shaped ring embellished with cubic zirconia designed by the contemporary London jeweler Hatton Labs from the heart of London’s prestigious jewelry district at Hatton Gardens and made in Italy:

Silver ring from Hatton Labs



Hatton Labs Flat Pave Ring @Farfetch



Is it Weird for a Man to Wear an Engagement Ring?

 Historically, engagement rings symbolized the “ownership of” or “claim to” a woman. In modern times, however, engagement rings typically signify a woman’s free choice to accept a marriage proposal.

But more importantly, an engagement ring has come to represent the mutual love and dedication a couple makes to one another.

This being the case, men can wear engagement rings too, can they not? Or is it weird?

Naturally, the preference will be a personal one. And while many still opt not to, more and more men are choosing to wear engagement rings.

Because wearing a symbol of their love and dedication is just as important to men as it is to their partners. A man’s personality is mirrored also by the accessories he wears.

Check out this classic twisted helix motif silver ring from David Yurman. It is available from online specialist Farfetch which offers seamless delivery and guarantee.

silver cable ring



Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?

Let’s be honest. Most men do not wear engagement rings, but more men are wearing engagement rings than ever before in the USA. Instead, in Argentina and Chile, for example, male engagement rings are considered just as important as the ring presented to the woman. Traditionally, both men and women wear their engagement rings to publicly signal their commitment to being married.

Gender stereotypes in modern society are also less relevant. It is no longer taboo for women to propose to men, other than on a leap year, for example. And same-sex marriage is thankfully a present-day norm where the same proposal and engagement traditions are followed.

When women propose, and during same-sex proposals, the engagement ring remains center stage.

Check out this sophisticated, modern, sterling silver ring with a manly onyx centerpiece and 25 single-cut diamonds from Helzberg diamonds.

Helzberg has been selling diamond rings since 1915 and offers free shipping in the USA.

Silver onyx mens ring from Helzberg Diamonds











  Same-Sex Marriage Engagement     Rings


Progress in equal marriage laws has certainly made an impact on the market for men’s engagement rings. Gay men are just at ease with an engagement ring as straight men are.

Some same-sex couples decide to purchase matching engagement rings together. Others prefer the surprise of taking to the knee for a traditional proposal. In this case, the fiancé will often surprise their partner with a proposal and engagement ring.

Recognizing these strides in marriage equality, as well as the romantic dreams of same-sex and non-gender couples, the jewelry industry has responded. Matching ring sets for both gay men and women are now available.

Perhaps it is this fluidity and open-mindedness within the LGTBQ community that has spurred more men to embrace the male engagement ring. Whatever the reason, more engagement ring styles, choices, and custom-made options are available now than ever before.

Check out the brand Bicocchi famous in Italy for its men’s rings. Here, we see an antique finished sterling silver engraved ring available from Farfetch.

Silver ring from Bicocchi Italy



Bicocchi @Farfetch


Are Straight Men Wearing Diamond Engagement Rings?

When you think about it, men have been wearing jewelry as a symbol of status, power, and wealth for a long time. Kings, conquerors, maharajas, royals, and men of power all over the globe have worn gold bands inset with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires for centuries.

Some of these powerful men were straight, some were not, and some were gender fluid.

The point is, jewelry has always been a form of expression. And it always will be. Luckily, diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals are gender-friendly too. So when it comes to men’s engagement rings, the general rule is, do as you feel!

Check out this 14K white gold geometric Channel-set Diamond ring from James Allen

Geometric 14k men's ring from James Allen



James Allen’s geometric ring: wearing it on the ring finger of the right hand,  shows your love and commitment to your betrothed.



Do Women Buy Engagement Rings for Men?

They sure do. Engagement rings might have previously been part of an old-fashioned tradition where men laid claim to their women. But with the emergence of men’s engagement rings, the proposal is becoming a symbol of equality.

Just like the ring a man presents to his loved one, the male engagement ring presented by a woman symbolizes her love and commitment to spending a lifetime together too.

Some modern women who decide to propose to their men are buying male engagement rings along with their ring of choice. Other couples are deciding to buy their engagement rings together.

Naturally, a woman can propose without presenting an engagement ring too. It is an entirely personal decision and will depend on the dynamics of each relationship.


5 Tips to Buy Your Man the Perfect Engagement Ring

Searching for and choosing the perfect men’s engagement ring is just as important as choosing one for a lady. And it should be a thoughtful process rather than an impulse buy. Here are some tips to consider before buying a man an engagement ring.


  1. Decide on a budget and stick to it.
  2. Consider the type of lifestyle the man in your life enjoys. His work, taste, and hobbies are all important factors to think about when choosing the perfect men’s engagement ring.
  3. The preferred types of metals for men’s engagement rings are yellow gold, white gold, platinum, palladium, meteorite, cobalt fiber, tantalum, titanium, tungsten, silver, wood, and steel. Think carefully about the type of metal your man will prefer to wear for the rest of his life.
  4. Men’s engagement rings are typically wider than women’s rings. Common widths are usually 4-8 mm. And the edges can be flat, beveled, domed, or curved.
  5. Be sure to measure for the ring fit when fingers are neither too cold nor too warm. It’s also a good idea to consider if the man in your life would prefer the standard flat surface between the ring and finger or the more comfortable rounded surface between the ring and finger

Ultimately, you want to choose the ring that best says “I Love You”.  And knowing his preferences, size, lifestyle, and tastes will help you to recognize the perfect ring as soon as you see it.


Black Engagement Rings for Men

Black Engagement Rings for men are made from titanium, tungsten, steel, or carbon fiber. All of which are strong and durable metals that remain scratch-free after years of use.

This makes black rings ideal for men who work with their hands.

Check out this nocturnal black  sterling silver ceramic ring made in France by Le Gramme 

Black sterling silver ceramic ring from Le Gramme



Le Gramme Black  Silver ceramic ring @Farfetch

Black rings will also add a touch of style and class to any outfit, whether formal or casual. And metals like carbon fiber and titanium are hypoallergenic, making them the perfect ring for men with sensitive skin.



Check out this sculptured ring designed by Evan Sugerman, an artist from Los Angeles. Parts of Four can be imagined as an invocation of rituals and memories. The ring is made from sterling silver with diamond accents.

Silver diamond ring by Parts of Four


Parts Of Four Silver & Diamond Detail Band Ring @Farfecth

Black diamonds come in two varieties. A natural black diamond has a very high number of inclusions and is one of the hardest materials on earth. These valuable stones have become incredibly desirable in the last decade.

White diamonds can also be treated to appear black. And while not as valuable, they exude just as much power and elegance.


What Happens To A Man’s Engagement Ring after the Wedding?

Generally, women wear their engagement rings on their right hands before the wedding. They then transfer it, along with the wedding band, to their left hand after the wedding.

Other women decide to wear their wedding bands only. And after the wedding, they store their engagement rings in a safe place to eventually pass them on to the next generation

These same options are followed by men who wear engagement rings. Some men simply change their engagement band from their right hand to their left hand after the wedding. Other men, wear both the engagement ring and wedding bands together on the ring finger of their left hand.



Whether male, female, straight, gay, or gender-neutral, wearing an engagement ring is, above all, a symbol of eternal love & commitment.

No longer is a piece of jewelry for women only, the engagement ring is now a statement of equal & mutual dedication.

In saying that, engagement rings are also an outward expression of personal style and taste.  So if you are contemplating proposing to your man, it is vital to understand his preferences before buying.

Each of the rings featured in our men’s engagement ring guide can be purchased via the direct links. And most include a wide range of sizes, as well as free delivery.

Finally, if you bow down to your man because he is your King why not buy him this 18k yellow gold crown ring with enamel detail and crystal embellishment.




Dolce & Gabbana 18k Gold Crown Men’s Ring @Farfetch





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