Different gold colors in jewelry

What are the different gold colors available in jewelry?

Different gold colors are available when buying jewelry.

Some gold colors on sale might create the suspicion that you are being led up the garden path!

Let’s look at rings and see what the options are.

So How Many gold Colors can you buy?

Yellow gold may have traces of silver, copper, and iron in its natural mineral state. The minerals are then separated by complex industrial processes.

There are actually six different gold colors used for jewelry. The color depends on the alloy mixed with the gold. You can be more experimental by choosing different gold colors. The choice can match your own personal style.

Let’s check out each color

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is classic and luxurious and is often what people think of when they think “gold”. After all, that is its natural color. Gold is quite malleable so to make it hard it is mixed with silver and copper. The addition or alloying of the other metals allows the yellow gold to keep its color while also becoming strong enough for jewelry use. Gold, in its purer state, is a hypo-allergenic metal. It also requires the least maintenance of all the gold colors.

The amount of alloying will determine the caratage of the gold. 18k gold is thus the purest with 75% gold, 15%silver and 10% copper. It is also the most yellow.

Check out this eternity band of moissanite gems set in a yellow-gold 14k slim ring. If you are quick there is a special offer. It is way under $500 including delivery.

yellow gold 14k

 A paler shade of yellow.

Check out this 9k bombé court wedding ring which combines subtle contouring with comfortable wearability.

9k gold wedding ring

White Gold

White gold is made by alloying pure gold with either silver, palladium, magnesium, or nickel. These are all white metals.

A gold ring with a palladium base is good for a stone setting. This is because the combination is more malleable.

However, nickel is often used as a base as it costs less.

a rhodium plating will give a ring a brighter white although this can wear off over time.

Check out this modern 14k white gold statement ring From Gabriel New York

white Gold ring

Looking for an engagement ring? Then think about this cool emerald split-shank 14k white gold ring with moissanite stones. It is on sale at a special price of just over $1000.

split shank ring

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Rose Gold

This is the most popular color after gold.

This is made by mixing gold with copper and silver. Vintage rings are often rose gold as they were popular during the 1950s.

Russians too used a lot of pink gold in the 1800s. Hence the term Russian gold.

The more copper used the redder the result.

Check out this extravagant 14k gold x ring embellished with 37 diamonds at a knock-out price of under $1000 if you are quick.

pink ring

If your lady is romantic she will love this 14k  Floret rose gold ring with lab-grown diamonds. If you are quick it is yours at under $600.

pink gold rng

Green Gold

Green gold is a mix of gold and silver. It is not too common and is often used in gold accents in a ring.

Green gold can sometimes be found naturally as a mix of gold and silver with traces of copper. It is known as Electrum. In fact, the term comes from the Greek language. The ancient Greeks c made coins from Electrum.

Black Hills gold jewelry is a type of jewelry manufactured in South Dakota which was first created in 1870. The jewelry is made by mixing different alloys. One of their combinations is green gold.

green gold
Green Gold leafed ring from antiquejewelrymall.com

Grey Gold

This is quite a modern masculine color and is a valid alternative to the more classic gold colors

This color can be used for accenting jewelry and is a mixture of gold and palladium.

Grey gold can also be made with a mixture of gold, iron, and copper.

Black Gold

This is quite a rare edgy look and is sold especially for men’s rings. Used with diamonds to make a stunning contrast.

There are 3 different ways to achieve black gold rings:

The gold ring can be blackened by applying and heating cobalt oxide.

Another method is Electroplating. Black rhodium or ruthenium is plated to make a nice shiny surface. After wearing it for some years the color may wear off and the ring would need to be re-plated.

Femto-laser treatment is the latest technique to be used. This is the most durable method but also the most expensive as the laser uses a great deal of energy.

Check out the USA company Diamondere for more information.

Blue and Fuchsia Gold

Another bold modern color is blue.

Antoniassi is a jeweler from Argentina. He began experimenting with this color at the beginning of the 20th century. It is made by mixing approximately 46% gold with Indium or gallium which is galvanized onto the surface.

It is quite a masculine color. Again with friction, the color may come off after time but can be re-plated. This color gold is quite rare.

Check out Art Masters Jewelry for this 14k Blue Gold bridal set.

Blue Gold from Art Masters Jewelry
Art Masters Jewelry

There is even a fuchsia gold!

fuchsia gold


The most familiar colors for gold are yellow, white, and pink. Commercially it is not easy to find Blue, Black, and Grey Gold jewelry but they are available at specialist stores and can make stunning options.

If you absolutely cannot do without these colors try also checking out alternative materials to gold.

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