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Popular Engagement Ring Trends for Women: What Stones should Engagement Rings Have?

Individuality and creativity are key for engagement ring trends in 2022. Undeniably, diamonds remain the most popular stone. Not only because they are a girl’s best friend but also because these spectacular sparklers are one of the strongest gemstones on earth – meaning they last forever like the love they try to represent. Diamonds are, of course, expensive but they are also an excellent investment.

However, it’s not all down to diamonds. The perfect engagement ring in 2022 embodies the distinctiveness of a couple’s relationship, the woman’s style, as well as the shape and length of her fingers.

Read on for inspiration on how to choose the perfect stone, shape, setting, and style for the love of your life or maybe for yourself!

Solitaire Rings – Subtle Yet Simply Stunning

The most recognizable style of engagement ring is undoubtedly the solitaire. With the gemstone placed center stage for optimal brilliance, this elegant stone manages to catch the eye like no other. And solitaires are not just diamonds. Any color gemstone can be used.

The cut of a solitaire stone is admittedly important for its ultimate brilliance. But the shape of the stone comes down to personal choice.

Round diamonds, in particular, are tipped to be the most popular stone for solitaire elegance in 2022. However, many couples are also opting for pear, oval, square, and marquise-shaped stones.

The choice is ultimately influenced by the shape and length of a woman’s finger. But we’ll go into that in more detail below.

Check out this Large Diamond Solitaire ring from Aurate New York. It comes at a great price for almost a half-carat diamond. For a short time only UNTIL 28/04/22 if you key in the word ONTIME you will be rewarded with a huge discount.

auratenewyork 73157824 1525068440965046 7216289533659137174 n 1200x


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Statement Stones – For Confident Grandeur


After the setbacks experienced by many couples in the last two years, not every girl is wooed by simplicity. Romantic proposals have become grand gestures in 2022. And that means statement stones when it comes to the rock.

Substantial stones with chunky bands are in such demand, that they might well take over in 2022. Just as popular are whopper-sized center stones for styles like pavé and halo rings. As well as unconventional pieces that are self-designed around a brilliant-cut diamond.

After all, nothing says I love you more than a giant-sized rock.


Check out this triple halo ring with a center-round brilliant cut diamond flanked by 13 1,2 mm diamonds from Aurate New York

Triple halo ring from Aurate



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Two-Stone Engagement Rings – Symbolic & Sentimentally Visual

Symbolizing the loving union of a couple, two-stone rings have been around for centuries. Perhaps due to the delays faced by couples during the pandemic, two-stone rings appear to symbolize even more meaning in 2022.

Also known as the Toi Et Moi style, the different stones complement each other. Just as a couple does. Sentimentality, togetherness, and a perfect match might jump to mind with two-stone engagement rings.

And the price doesn’t have to be astronomical either. Check out this flamboyant sterling silver engagement ring with blue and white pear cut sapphires from Italo Jewelry.

Pear cut twin stone from Italo







Three-Stone Engagement Rings – Timeless & Distinctively Meaningful


Three stone rings have been considered traditional engagement rings for some time. And are known within the jewelry industry to symbolize the past, present, and future of a couple’s relationship.

Three-stone rings also allow couples to add a sense of creative expression to their relationship. Stones can vary in size, for example. Adding two smaller diamonds on either side of a center stone is popular. Diamonds are also matched with a colored gemstone for a distinctive twist.

Placed on either side of a diamond, emeralds, and sapphires, in particular, are emerging as popular choices for three-stone rings in 2022.

For something completely different check out this 100% recycled gold vermeil ring with 3 pearls from Aurate at a very competitive price.


3 pearl vermeil engagement ring


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Halo Rings – For Vintage Glamour

Whether it’s an antique find from the  1920s  or a vintage-inspired modern take, the ornate halo ring is back in style. These glamourous rings are a classic symbol of timeless glamour. And according to experts, they have experienced a 120% increase in the past year.

Encircled by smaller diamonds, the center stone radiates a glamourous sparkle. And many choose to continue the sparkles along either side of the band too. Center stones are traditionally diamonds. But with 2022 couples opting for sapphires, emeralds, and paler-toned stones, halo ring trends are becoming far more colorfully expressive,

While round and princess cut stones are proving most popular in this style, cushion cut and oval-shaped diamonds are trending too.

Check out this vintage pear cut ring blue topaz ring  from Aurate in 14k gold:

Vintage pear cut Topaz gold ring

Pavé Rings – For the Ultimate Sparkle


If halo engagement rings exude glamour, then pave rings are oozing luxurious grandeur in 2022. Intricate diamonds along the band draw attention to a mesmerizing center stone. Inviting these stunning rings to sparkle brilliantly on the ring of the wearer.

Although diamonds are the traditional choice for pavé ring settings, colored gemstones are also trending in 2022. Think rich colors, like dark blues and deep greens to amplify the grandeur. But look out for striking pale hues too, like pastel pink, shimmering yellow, and jade or olive green.

Not for the reserved bride, this year’s pave rings portray pure and unapologetic luxury.

Check out this Pavé oval cut Halo ring from Aurate New York

Pavé oval cut Halo ring

Aurate named NYC’s coolest new jewelry brand by the New York Times offers:

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Bezel Settings – For the Modern-Day Active Woman


What is a bezel setting on a ring?

The bezel setting draws attention to a central diamond that is held in place by an edging of platinum or gold. Perfectly suited to the modern-day active woman, the stone in a bezel setting is cleverly protected. The band is usually narrow, and the focus is drawn to the sparkle.

Bezel settings come in two styles. Partial bezel settings cover only the sides of the gemstone, allowing for a delightful side view. Whereas full bezel settings cover all sides of the stone revealing only the top.

If you love the outdoors, sport, and low-maintenance jewelry, the bezel setting is perfect.

Check out this modern 18k Luna Bezel yellow gold ring also available in white, rose, and platinum.

bezel setting

Pear-Shaped Diamond

Pear-shaped diamonds are gaining popularity due to their unconventional shape and ultimate sparkle factor. Perhaps down the specific cut which reflects light in an outward fashion. Bottom line, pear-shaped rings appear more sparkly than most other cuts except, of course, the classic round diamond.

To get the most out of their shine, wear the point of the pear facing the tip of the finger.

Check out this well-priced three-stone pear-created white sapphire ring in sterling silver from Italo.

Three stone pear created sapphire ring


Marquise-Shaped Diamond


Traditionally considered the most royal shape of diamonds, the marquise cut diamond is pointed at either end. Rumored to resemble the shape of one of King Louis XV’s mistresses, these diamonds appear larger than they are. In addition to providing brilliant sparkle.

Some jewelers have cleverly given the marquise-shaped diamond engagement ring a modern twist. Simply by turning its elongated shape so it sits horizontally across the finger.


Round Shaped Diamond


No matter the year, the classic round-shaped diamond will always be in style. This timeless cut also retains its value decade after decade. Cut to exude brightness and sparkle, round diamonds have a way of playing with the light like no other gemstone.


Whether standing alone as a solitaire, surrounded by a halo of smaller stones, or nestled between two counterparts in a three-stone arrangement, round diamonds will always impress.

Check out this Pavé round solitaire diamond ring from Aurate New York

AU220105 8W 1200x


Oval-Shaped stones


The cut of oval-shaped stones makes them look larger than they actually are. This optical illusion is a major benefit. Produced in both narrow and wider cuts, these rings can suit both stout or slender fingers. And are available in narrow and thick bands.

The stunning rounded edges of oval-shaped stones manage to encompass a timeless style with a modern look.

Check out this yellow oval citrine 14k gold ring with 0.38-carat diamonds for something slightly different:

It is available from New York-based Artisan at Wolf & Badger as always with free delivery

oval shaped sapphire

How to Choose the Best Engagement Ring to Suit Your Hand

Paying attention to the shape and size of your hand ensures you choose the best shape when shopping for engagement rings.

There is no doubt that all hands are beautiful in their own way. But noticing if your fingers are long, slim, short, or stout will help you to pick the perfect sparkle to pop on your finger.

The Best Engagement Rings for Slim or Slender Fingers

Minimalistic jewelry and fine bands are beautifully elegant on slim and slender fingers. Extravagant rings can look overwhelming on slim fingers so think smaller stones and modest bands.

That doesn’t mean engagement rings for slender fingers need to be simple or plain. A thin banded pave ring, with a round, square, or princess cut diamond looks exquisite on slender fingers.

The Best Engagement Rings for Short Fingers

Elongated or vertically-set gemstones

will make short fingers appear leaner and longer. Avoid large stones with a wide surface, as well as thick bands.

Instead look for oval, pear-shaped, or marquise stones to create the illusion of length. Couple these elongated shapes with a narrow band, to cover less space on short fingers.

The Best Engagement Rings for Stout Fingers

For thick or stout fingers you want to think about covering a larger surface of the finger. Avoid thin bands and smaller stones, which will only accentuate larger knuckles and the natural thickness of your fingers.

Three-stone rings, if your budget allows for them, are perfect for stout fingers. If not, go for a halo ring. The surrounding diamonds will enhance a smaller center stone. And a thick band will do wonders to accentuate the sparkle while drawing attention away from larger fingers.

The Best Engagement Rings for Long Fingers

When it comes to long fingers, bold statement rings can look amazing. But simple and petite engagement rings are equally exquisite. It is advisable to avoid vertically-set stones like oval, pear, and marquise cuts, which give the finger an even longer appearance.

Halo rings, pave styles, three-stones and two-stones will all suit long fingers, as long as the band is not too thin.

In conclusion

Modern takes on vintage classics, elegant shapes, chunky bands, subtle solitaires, and statement stones. There is something to suit every fiancé in 2022. And whether it’s a diamond or a colored gemstone is completely up to you.

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