Men’s jewelry: will the stellar growth continue post Covid in 2022?

Top Selling Jewelry For Men

Men’s Jewelry in 2022

I don’t know if the stellar growth of Men’s jewelry will continue post-Covid in 2022 but it seems that men’s jewelry sales have been booming in the last few years. In 2018 worldwide sales were estimated to be $5.8 billion which is up 23% from 2013. Gone are the times when a man conceded to tradition by wearing a wedding ring, a watch, maybe a tie-pin and a pair of cuff-links. During lock-down when everybody dressed down, men’s jewelry bought online resisted. According to UK online retailer Matches sales even increased. Possibly men felt easier about experimenting in the safety of their homes.


Top Selling Jewelry Items For Men in 2022:

The Ring

The ring is probably the most bought item for most men, especially if you think of wedding rings and they generate one-third of jewelry sales.  However, a lot of married men rarely wear them! So, who wears them, as according to the research group NPD “they generate one third of the men’s jewellery sales“? The answer is, of course, the millenniums and the younger generations influenced by their musical heroes such as Prince, Harry Styles, etc… What type of ring do men wear? Let’s take one finger at a time!

Check out this modern designed signet ring in sterling silver designed by Tom Wood:

Signet ring by Tom Wood








Tom wood is a Norwegian brand founded by Mona Jensen. Her first collection was based on a modern interpretation of historical signet rings. This ring has a sleek oblong top. Its beauty is its simplicity. It is available from award-winning online company Farfetch who offers worldwide delivery.




Signet ring for pinky finger from Tom Wood










Another Tom Wood signet ring ideal for your pinky finger







The pinky-or small finger-is where, traditionally, men wore a Signet ring, perhaps engraved with the family crest or coat of arms. At one time it was dipped in hot wax before being used to print a signature. Prince Charles famously wears the stacked-on top of his wedding ring and Sir Winston Churchill wore one too. Well apparently, they have become cool again and you can find them with all sorts of symbols or coats of arms.

Prince Charles with signet ring alongside Camilla Parker Bowles

The fourth finger from the right on the left hand is where normally in the West men wear a wedding ring whereas many cultures in the East wear it on the right hand. The Romans believed that there was an artery that was linked to the heart and thus ideal for a symbol of love. Men in both opposite and same-sex couples are choosing to wear both engagement and wedding rings. The choice is vast from gold hammered yellow, white, and rose wedding bands with a satin or shiny type finish to sterling silver with inlaid stones. I shall dedicate a separate blog to some of the fashionable finishings.

Check out this simple high polish wedding band in white platinum with a 2 mm comfort fit from Helzberg 

Wedding band in white platinum from Helzberg














The Centre finger is normally kept free unless you are a fanatic or a fan of Liberace!

Liberace wearing his famous rings

The Index finger, being quite a prominent one, again is not normally used, unless you are the extrovert type and want to make a point if you excuse the pun. The finger is often associated with leadership and power.



After rings the next biggest seller is apparently necklaces. From Spike Lee, Michael Jackson, Lenny Kravitz to Perry Farrell show biz people often donned a necklace but in the new generation of rappers and hip-hop musicians you wouldn’t be seen dead without one!

In the past you might have worn a dainty chain with a religious or spiritual symbol under your t-shirt or shirt, now the Jay Z generation are not afraid to put it out there!

Let’s check out the options:

The dog tag, which of course served as practical identification, has been around since the 1900s and was invented after so many soldiers died unidentified in the American civil war. By 1917 all US combat troops were required to wear them. Now on the metallic disk, anything goes from poetry to religious, artistic, football, pop, nautical, symbols, or icons. There is a big choice of dog tags on Amazon from stainless steel to gold.

DogTag available from Amazon


The chain

Although the Minoans were clever chain weavers it was not until the industrial revolution that mechanically made chains began to appear. Now there are countless types of chains. Here are a few:

Ball chains were often used with dog-tags, and now the actual balls, which were quite basic spheres, can come in any size, shape, colour or material but probably silver is the most popular.

Anchor chains which as the name suggests have a nautical link (ha-ha!) are quite a traditional chain and can be worn with any type of pendant.

The Box chain is also known as the Venetian chain is a modern geometric one that is quite masculine and can be worn on its own or with a pendant.

The Rope Chain is made from various strands of metal intertwined together in varying thicknesses. Looks good in a mixture of gold and silver

Necklace chain types

The Cuban Chain, an essential piece for the hip-hop/rapper movement, is usually a thick, in-the-face type chain which became popular in Miami in the eighties. Again, can come in any color but gold is definitely up there if you want to make a statement. Check out this fab 10k Cuban Chain from Frost NYC which is one of the biggest quality hip-hop jewelry manufacturers in the USA.

Cuban Chain necklace

For sizing check out this chart:

Necklace sizing

Of course, there is also a large number of professional men who prefer the understated minimal look as you can see from this Miansai Gold Vermeil rope-chain necklace, which is perfectly on-trend too.

Rope chain necklace



Bracelets are the third most popular accessory and leather matches with most outfits. The choice is vast from one or multi strands of braided leather in a variety of shades with stainless steel, silver or rhodium locks to leather cord or wrap bracelets.


Beaded bracelets

They make a great summer accessory with a t-shirt. The beads can be in stone, wood, ceramic, glass or metal in a variety of colours and sizes.


Metallic bracelets

From surgical steel in black or silver to titanium, gold, and silver the market offers a huge selection.

Take a look at this link chain, oxidized, stainless steel bracelet, with decorative Fleur de Lis clasp, branded Coolsteelandbeyond. It is hypoallergenic and comes at a very reasonable price!

Stainless steel bracelet

Fine metallic bracelets

Most of the trendy bracelets for men are in silver. Take a look at the beautiful braided silver bracelet made by the Italian Emanuele Bicocchi in 925 sterling silver.



Ear piercing for men has grown in popularity since the 1960s and is no longer confined just to the gay or alternative man. It is now just another way of expressing yourself!

For beginners definitely go for stud earrings which are edgy but with discretion. You can choose from hoops, dangles with a pendant or charm, studs or novelty.

If you are on a budget check out these stud earrings from Asos. They even have some ear cuffs if you are allergic to having your ears pierced.

Something a little edgier you could find again in the Emanuele Bicocchi collection. Check out this antiqued sterling silver earring from Matches


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