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Mom had style and she was right about how men look cooler wearing silver rings. She knew the right accessories could make or break an outfit. But it wasn’t only her outfit, she knew that jewelry added personality to a man’s outfit too.

She simply understood that men’s silver rings add a sense of understated pizazz. Be it to a casual outing or a stylish statement on a special dinner date.

Over the last few decades, most men haven’t considered wearing any jewelry other than a stylish watch and a wedding band. But the fashionable men of the 21st century are taking mom’s advice and changing all that.

Men’s jewelry is in vogue, especially silver rings. Check out this  Sterling Silver spinning Ring inspired by Jaipur in India and available from Wolf & Badger.

silver Jaipur spinning ring


For something more industrial check out this oxidized silver ring made by the Australian duo Carpe Diem:

oxidised Australian silver ring





Why Are Men’s Silver Rings In Fashion?

It’s a style thing. In winter, men accessorize with woolen scarves, stylish hats, leather gloves, and cashmere coats. But when it’s sizzling hot in the summer, flip-flops and sunglasses just don’t give the same punch of personality.

Rings, however, especially silver rings, are perfect to add that little touch of who you are to any summer outfit. And these days, there are plenty of silver ring options on the market to suit every man, for every occasion.


When Did Men’s Silver Rings Become Popular?

Men’s rings have actually always been popular. In ancient times, rings were made from tin or gold. And men used their personalized rings with wax to seal agreements and documents.

The European aristocracy has been wearing gold and silver rings as style and status symbols for centuries and continues to do so to this day. Rappers and Liberace made ostentatious finger fashion popular in their unique ways during the 80s and 90s.

But the most recent trend of men wearing multiple silver rings as fashion statements? This could be thanks to Harry Styles, the gender-fluid style icon of the decade.

This chunky 925 sterling silver black onyx ring from Ruby & Oscar is a real classic. If you add the code JEWEL221 you will get an extra discount.

 silver ring






Which Silver is best for Men’s Rings?

Pure silver is soft, so it is always combined with more durable metals to make jewelry. When alloyed like this, silver becomes more hard-wearing and long-lasting.

Combining silver with more durable metals also allows jewelers to shape it more easily and create all sorts of designs.

Sterling silver, for example, is an alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. And it is considered the best silver for men’s rings and other types of silver jewelry.

Check out this wide, geometric, polished  925 Sterling Silver round signet ring waiting to be engraved with your personal message or date from Gabriel NY.






Does Silver Look Good on Men?

Fashionable men all over the world are indeed embracing silver rings as the perfect accessory. And one of the reasons why is down to price. Good quality, sterling silver, men’s rings can be purchased for well under $100.

Previously, good quality and stylish men’s rings were made from expensive metals like gold, platinum, or palladium.

These days, however, there are some awesome designs available in silver. Meaning men no longer have to break the bank to add those little touches of style to outfits for all occasions.

Check out this Turquoise chunky ring in sterling silver

Greek Turquoise silver ring







Do silver rings come in other colors?

Yes, Silver rings can be finished in gold, pink, and even black.

If your man works in Real Estate maybe he will like this rose-tone brick pattern Ring!


silver ring with a rose tone

Which Finger Do Men Wear Rings On?

If you’ve decided to add some personality to your outfits with a silver ring, you might be wondering on which digit you should place your finger fashion.

If it’s a fashion accessory, you won’t want to wear it on the finger that traditionally symbolizes marriage. In America, this is the third finger on the right hand.

If you’re a fan of Harry Styles, you might choose to adorn many of your digits with finger fashion. Or perhaps you’re looking to express your unique personality by wearing a statement ring on one finger.

So here’s what it means to wear a silver ring on each finger.


The Pointer (or Index) Finger

The pointer finger signifies power and leadership. And for centuries, the pointer finger was the most natural place for men to wear rings. By wearing them here, they openly showcased their family crest and power each time they pointed at something.

Similarly, the pointer finger is still used today to showcase championship, fraternity, or class rings. So if there’s a statement ring that you like to show, your index finger would be the place to wear it.

Like this handcrafted very masculine 10 mm textured sterling silver ring from John Greed.


Textured silver ring







The Thumb Ring

The thumb has long signified interaction and friendship. Thumbs up or thumbs down spoke volumes in Greek & Roman times. And these days, a thumbs up still reveals agreement or friendship. So wearing a ring on the thumb can be quite significant as a fashion statement.

Thumb rings are usually big (to fit the thumb). So a more understated style will generally look better than a huge statement ring.

Additionally, a thumb ring is ideal for those who like to wear multiple rings on one hand. For example, a thumb ring, a middle finger ring, and a pinkie ring will look better with space between each.

Check out Gucci’s sterling silver ring with a marbled turquoise green glass enamel bead.

Gucci Ring


The Middle Finger

The middle finger is the largest and sturdiest finger, and it symbolizes balance. For some men, a ring on the middle finger might feel like an obstacle when performing certain manual tasks. While for other men, it feels like the safest and most natural finger to wear a ring.

In general, men who wear a ring for the first time feel more comfortable and balanced with a ring on the middle finger. It’s not as attention-grabbing as the pinkie finger. And it removes any confusion about marriage or commitment rings on the fourth finger.

If you are looking for a comfort fit ring check out this silver ring with a small diamond.

silver ring with diamond






The Fourth Finger

The fourth finger on the right hand can symbolize an engagement in some cultures. Yet a skull ring, a matt black ring, or a jeweled signet ring is less likely to be considered a commitment symbol. And far more likely to be seen for what it is, a stylish accessory.

Check out this Heart Skull Ring in sterling silver:

silver ring


The Pinkie Finger


In the realm of palmistry, the pinkie finger symbolizes intelligence, individuality, and persuasion. So wearing a ring on the pinkie finger is for the type of man who likes to make a statement.

The pinkie is also one of the furthest points away from your clothing. Meaning a ring on the pinkie draws the curious eye and receives the attention sought by the wearer.

Just like this Sapphire and Sterling Silver signet ring by Bleue Burnham

pinkie ring



How Many Rings Should A Man Wear?

Unlike women, men generally don’t wear more than one ring per finger. Most men usually wear one statement ring on one hand, with a wedding band on the other. But the amount of rings worn is totally up to the style and preference of the individual.

Wearing a thumb ring allows enough space to wear another ring on the middle finger, and perhaps another on the pinkie finger. More than that might look like there’s too much going on.

But as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so in reality, men can wear as many rings as they want.

Do Silver Rings Tarnish?

All silver will tarnish over time. Whether it’s a ring, cutlery, or a candlestick. Sterling silver is made with 92.5% of silver and alloyed with 7.5% copper. And it is the element of copper that tarnishes over time when exposed to moisture. The good news is that you can prevent tarnishing with some simple tips. And if it does tarnish, silver can be cleaned with a specialized silver cleaning cloth. Or by using a drop of dish-washing liquid in a bowl of warm water and a soft cloth to dry.

Tips to Prevent Silver Rings From Tarnishing

First off, frequently wearing your silver rings prevents them from tarnishing. When not wearing them, store silver rings in a cool and dry place. Preferably in a jewelry box and separated from other metals.

If your silver rings get wet, dry them off as soon as possible. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear them in the pool, ocean, or shower. When dried quickly, the copper will not react to the moisture. But try not to store silver rings in the bathroom, or anywhere they could be exposed to humidity.

Lastly, it’s always a good idea to wipe your silver rings with a soft cloth after each wear. No need to scrub it. A gentle clean to wipe any excess dirt or grime will suffice.



Express yourself by adding some personality to your look. Listen to your mom. Silver will make you look cooler!

Whether it’s a thumb ring, a middle finger ring, or a pinkie finger ring, men’s silver rings are the perfect fashion extra.

And the best part? Because silver rings are far more affordable than gold, you can buy different styles to spruce up many outfits.

Each of the rings featured in our blog can be purchased via the direct links. And most include a wide range of sizes, as well as free delivery.

One last inspiring accessory is this unique brushed sterling silver signet design by Carpe Diem

silver palm tree ring








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