Which Finger does the Wedding Ring go on? Don’t blow it on the big day!

wedding ring finger

Which is the Ring Finger-what finger does a Wedding Ring go on?

The fourth digit of your hand, between the pinkie and the middle finger, is called the ring finger or Wedding Ring Finger. Its exact etymology is unknown but in the East, it was referred to as the magical or medicine finger. In fact, in Latin, it is called: “Digitus Medicinalis“.

What hand does the Wedding Ring go on?

An English prayer book dated 1549 actually states ‘the ring shall be placed on the left hand.’

By the 18th century, the Wedding Ring Finger started to become more personal.

Wedding Ring Finger

History and origin of the nuptial ring
In ancient Egypt

Rings were given to one’s loved one because they were a representation of eternity. A circle has no beginning and above all no end. They were also the shape of the sun and the moon which our ancestors worshipped.

The “Ouroboros” ring for example was in the form of a serpent swallowing his tail and symbolizes both eternal movements as well as the power that devours and regenerates itself as is the natural cycle of life. It is also a symbol of perfection.

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The Greeks

After Alexander the Great invaded Egypt, the Greeks also adopted the custom of gifting rings to lovers. Many depicted Eros or Cupid such as this 14k gold and silver Cupid Ring designed by Shola Branson and sold by Farfetch:

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The Romans

When the Romans conquered Greece they too emulated this tradition. At first, they used iron and copper, and by the 2nd century onwards gold.

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For more information about demi-fine rings check out my post:

What is Demi-Fine Jewelry?

They became more ornate using gemstones

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Medieval period

The gem-stones became more varied

Rubies were used to indicate passion.

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Ruby ring


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Sapphires embodied protection.


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Diamonds were used for their strength:

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Interlocking bands started to be used.

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The age of Enlightenment

The artisans expanded their artifacts. Secret rings were made that were divided into two parts.

Romantic engravings were used.


Popular Religious Customs

The Christian Wedding Ritual

wedding ceremony

It is a popular custom for the Best Man to bring the wedding rings to the Altar. The engagement ring is transferred to the right hand during the procession down the aisle. The fiancée then puts the nuptial ring on her left hand. Later the engagement ring is put on top to protect the wedding ring.

The Jewish Wedding Ritual

Jewish wedding


Which wedding ring finger in the Jewish Ritual? Traditionally only the bride receives a ring at the ceremony. The groom places it on her right index finger and she transfers it to her ring finger as a sign of acceptance.

Islamic Wedding Ritual

Muslim wedding

VLUU P1200 / Samsung P1200

The exchange of rings is not contemplated in the Islamic ritual. The wedding ring is generally worn by the bride on the left hand.


Wedding rings for Men

Up until the great world wars, wedding rings were worn only by women. This changed when soldiers started to wear them to remind them of their partners when they were a long way from home. The wedding ring finger was either the fourth digit or the pinky.

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Types of wedding rings

From classic unadorned wedding bands to something completely over the top with or without gems there is a huge choice out there.

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Traditionally the ring was in yellow gold. Today white gold and platinum are often used.

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