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Did you know that each finger has a symbolic meaning when it comes to wearing rings?

The ring finger is globally recognized as the digit to display your love and affection for another, for example. The pinky finger, however, symbolizes the complete opposite for women. And maybe that’s why more women are wearing pinky rings these days.

Independence, self-love, intelligence, healing, sexual freedom, open communication, and confidence. If that sounds like your vibe, then read on for more insight into the different meanings behind pinky rings for women.

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pinky ring


The Traditional Meaning of Pinky Rings


Traditionally, pinky rings were only worn by men – and men of high standing at that. Back in the old days, pinky rings were signet rings that bore an engraving of the individual’s initials or family crest. Only the very wealthy or royal families had family crests, of course. And they used their pinky rings to sign letters or seal documents with the help of hot wax.

Prince Charles with signet ring


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Wedding Ring on Pinky Finger

Interestingly, although women wore their wedding bands on the ring fingers of their left hand, men of high stature often chose to wear their wedding rings on their pinky fingers.

Usually stacked beneath their signet ring, it was a personal preference more than anything. But to this day, the tradition endures. Prince Charles, for instance, wears his wedding band stacked under the signet ring on his little finger. As did Franklin D. Roosevelt.

This classic signet ring has a vermeil finish. The base is sterling silver and it is plated with 14k gold. It is from the 1933 Esquire collection and it is a perfect example of a traditional pinky ring.  At the moment there is a 10% discount online offer if you enter the code BMSM.

pinky ring







What Does a Pinky Ring Mean on a Man?


Similar to the traditional symbolism of the old days, when men wore signet rings to display their wealth and family heritage, modern men wear pinky rings as a statement too.

Some men still wear their family crest on their pinky fingers as a symbol of their social status. Others wear pinky rings as an intentional statement about their wealth and success, with perhaps a gemstone finish as opposed to a crest. And quite a few men choose the pinky ring as a fashion accessory.

Whether worn as a single piece of jewelry or as one of many rings on the same hand to enhance the grungy biker look, men’s pinky rings are still in style. And the men who wear them, are confident in proclaiming something about themselves.

This black onyx Signet ring in sterling silver is a great sample of a more modern men’s pinky ring. Its polished finish adds style and panache to both casual and smart outfits. And it could be worn as a single statement piece or mixed and matched with other rings on the same hand for a more rugged style.

signet ring

And if a woman wears a Pinky ring?

Although signet rings were traditionally worn by men, women began to wear them as a symbol of their social status too. Just as Prince Charles is a fan of the pinky signet ring, Princess Diana was often seen wearing one too. And akin to Diana, women all over the world still wear pinky rings bearing their family crests.

For other women, wearing a pinky ring just means they like wearing jewelry and enjoy changing their rings to accessorize an outfit. But more recently, these rings have come to represent a new movement – that of the independent woman.

The woman who doesn’t need a partner to buy her a ring is a symbol of their mutual love. Because the independent woman wearing a pinky ring can look down at their hand and know that she is loved from within.

This spiral sterling silver pinky ring from Wolf & Badger is a universal and ancient symbol that will connect you to the natural world

spiral pinky ring


How Rings Symbolize Self-Love


Whether you’re married or not, loving yourself is one of the fundamental foundations for a happy life. And the current trend of women’s pinky rings not only represents independence but has transcended into an expression of self-love.

Not to be confused with a piece of jewelry sending the message of not having yet found the perfect partner. On the contrary. Pinky rings are powerful talismans. A declaration, if you will, that women are in love with themselves exactly the way they are.

And they are happy to buy themselves a beautiful reminder of that fact.

Check out this 9k gold diamond, malachite signet ring designed by Yvonne Léon. She has re-visited a vintage heirloom with modern touches.




What Does a Pinky Ring Typically Look Like?


A traditional-looking signet ring is typically made of yellow gold with a flat surface on which the family crest is carved. The band is usually thin on the palm side, widening as it approaches the surface.

However, modern takes on the pinky ring are made of any type of metal that appeals to the wearer. White and rose gold are commonly used, as well as sterling silver, and more hard-wearing metals like tungsten for men who like a more rugged, Johhny Depp kind of style.

Pinky rings trending for women in 2022 are more delicate and fashionable, with some bearing gemstones and others wrapping multiple times around the finger.

For example, this take on a traditional pinky ring from Gabriel & Co. is bold enough to make a statement yet versatile for everyday wear. Coupled with 14k yellow gold, the 0.15ct pave diamonds add some feminine charm to this masculine-inspired style.

gold untraditional pinky ring Gabriel

Enhance Your Communication Skills

Within the realms of Roman mythology, each of the fingers is aligned with a different God, and the pinky finger is linked to Mercury. Considered one of the cleverest Olympian Gods, it is believed that Mercury connected mortals, celestial beings, and the Gods in his role as a messenger.

Known as the God of interpreters and translators he also represents good fortune, commerce, wisdom, and transitions. And it is for this reason that some professional communicators wear pinky rings as an amulet or lucky charm.

Authors have been known to wear pinky rings too, to ward off writing blocks. People who negotiate for a living wear them as a reminder of open communication. Even celebrities and politicians have been known to wear them during interviews to help them “mind their tongue” and not say the wrong thing.

What does a Pinky Ring mean sexually?


It was not very long ago that sexual independence was frowned upon. The way the thinking went, men and women got married and that was that! During those bleak times, gay men often pierced their right ear or wore pinky rings as an outward symbol of their sexual preferences.

Today, sexual independence is not just limited to the LBGTQ community. Conventional relationships are no longer the only acceptable couplings. And wedding rings are no longer the only recognizable jewelry that defines people’s sexual preferences.

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Just as some women wear pinky rings to represent their style, beliefs, or self-love. Women who prefer to be sexually free and not defined by relationships like to wear pinky rings too. As a proud declaration of their sexual independence.

This very reasonably priced Swallow Pinky Ring by Roz Buerhrlen at is beautifully symbolic when it comes to expressing sexual independence. Forged from 18kt yellow gold plated silver, the swallow perches on top of the band with a ‘free as a bird’ type of symbolism.

swallow pinky ring by Roz BuerhrlenWhy the Suffragettes Wore Pinky Rings


Although it was a century ago when the suffragettes fought for equal rights, they were just as passionate as the women today when it came to expressing themselves.

While most made a point of wearing the flag colors associated with the women’s movement, green, white, and purple also translated into the suffragette’s jewelry. Pendants, brooches, and even pinky rings bore the movement colors in the form of gemstones like emeralds, pearls, and amethysts.

Pinky rings were particularly favored by feminists in the 1920s and 1930s to show the world that they didn’t need a man to be happy. Instead, they chose to wear pinky rings as an expression of their self-worth and liberation.


The Best Gemstones for a Woman’s Pinky


The traditional choice of stone for a pinky ring was often dark in color, like black onyx, green malachite, or bloodstones. This was mainly because pinky rings were mostly worn by men. Since pinky rings for women have become more popular, the gemstones that decorate them have changed too. And the rule is, there are no rules.

Women who wear pinky rings as a symbol of self-love, for instance, often include their favorite bling. Some love diamonds, rubies, sapphires, or emeralds, while others choose lesser expensive gemstones of their favorite colors.

Those who wear pinky rings as a symbol of independence might choose stones in the colors of the suffragette movement, just like the feminists of the 1920s.

In the realm of palmistry, the pinkie finger symbolizes intelligence, individuality, and persuasion. Characteristics that are represented by stones like amber, moonstone, and citrine.

Check out this stunning solid gold signet ring with 12 brilliant diamonds:

pinky ring


 The Powerful Female Fashion Accessory


In addition to wearing a pinky ring to exude one or more of the symbolic meanings mentioned above, women also wear them as an expression of personal style. Meghan, Rhianna, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jennifer Lopez have all embraced the pinky ring as 2022’s trending fashion accessory.

And the best thing about these powerful fashion accessories? There are no rules about how it should look.

From wearing multiple, thin banded rings on each finger to a sparkling solitaire diamond on the pinky, there is no wrong or right way to wear them. Pinky rings are a fashion accessory that can be adapted to suit anyone’s style.

For instance, this 18kt gold pinky ring from Shay’s at MatchesFashion will elevate any outfit. Shaped like a classic signet ring with pave-set round-cut diamonds outlining your initial, it adds some personal power to your accessories. Shay jewelry is designed in Los Angeles by a mother-daughter duo.

18k gold ring by Shay

Buy Yourself a Ring for your little finger – You’re Worth it!


At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether you wear a pinky ring as a family heirloom, a symbolic talisman, or a fashion accessory. Nor does it matter what your pinky ring looks like.

What matters is that you like wearing it. And it makes you feel good.

Check out this sterling silver unisex ring branded AeraVida and available at a giveaway price from Walmart. It is a fun, versatile accessory with an adjustable open-end closure.

silver pinky ring





With customizable options and designs available from all types of jewelers, the pinky ring trend is not going anywhere soon. And best of all, you can buy multiple styles to evoke whatever feels symbolic to you on any given day.

Like this men’s bold Titanium flat top brushed pinky ring with resin inlay which costs less than $20!

Titanium pinky ring
















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