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Seductive Men’s Rings Alternatives to Gold and Silver in 2024

What are the most seductive men’s rings alternatives to gold and silver?

The choice of Men’s Rings in the past was about choosing between a gold or silver wedding band.  These days, men wear rings to express their personality, accessorize outfits, and impress their mates, as well as their dates. The choice is ample.

It depends on the type of man. But think along the lines of metals used to manufacture spacecraft, F-1 cars, airplanes, and tank ammunition. As well as one named after mythical Greek giants.

Most of the alternatives we’ll discuss are far more affordably priced than gold or silver. And chances are, once you learn about the options, you’ll choose one instead of standard gold or silver.

Titanium, The Mighty Metal and one of the Men’s Rings Alternatives to Gold and Silver

Named after the mythical Titan giants, titanium is a mighty metal for men’s rings. It is stronger than steel and well known for its incredible strength and durability.

Titanium comes in 30 grades of hardness. Grade 5, which is also referred to as “aircraft grade” is the most common type used by jewelers for men’s rings.

As well as being resistant to corrosion from water or humidity, titanium is very affordably priced in comparison to gold or silver. And although it may scratch over time, this stalwart metal wears its scratching like a medal of honor. Making it a solid choice for the alpha active man who likes some subtlety in the style department.

Titanium’s naturally silver/white color makes it ideal for a traditional men’s wedding band. But it can also be treated in different colors for everyday rings.

Check out this two-tone comfort fit ring in Titanium from Ruby & Oscar (UK)

Men's Rings Alternatives to Gold

Platinum: For High-End Men’s Rings

Platinum has been mined since time immemorial and is a naturally occurring white metal. It is rarer than gold, much heavier and harder, and considered one of the more luxurious metals for rings. Platinum rings are great Men’s Rings Alternatives to Gold and Silver and are often used for engagement or wedding rings.

Platinum is also more expensive. However, it has a high resistance to oxidization, scratching, and tarnishing. Thus platinum rings are well worth the investment.

Pure platinum is also hypoallergenic, so if you are sensitive, make sure to buy a pure platinum ring as opposed to one alloyed with other metals. However, most Platinum rings contain between 85%-95% Platinum whereas an 18-karat gold ring contains only 75% gold.

This sleek 4 mm platinum wedding ring, for example, is crafted from platinum and has a contemporary look with a comfortable fit. The outer profile is flat while the inner profile has a slight curve to improve the fit.

It is available from Brilliant Earth.

platinum ring

 Tungsten Rings – The Indestructible Men’s Rings Alternatives to Gold

Tungsten is a heavy-duty metal that is scratch-resistant and practically indestructible. It is the perfect choice for the hardy man’s ring. Meaning ‘heavy stone’ in Swedish, tungsten is a dense and durable metal. More durable, in fact, than gold, palladium, silver, or platinum but far more affordably priced.

Its heavy-duty features and affordable price might explain why tungsten is also used to manufacture tank ammunition.

Rings are not made from pure tungsten, however. Instead, tungsten ore is combined in a powder form with carbon atoms at a high temperature to make tungsten carbide. Lower-quality tungsten carbide is alloyed with nickel, whereas high-quality tungsten carbide will contain little to no nickel. It is for this reason that tungsten rings can vary in price from as little as $10 to $600. They make perfect Men’s Rings Alternatives to Gold.

This affordably priced tungsten carbide men’s band from Italo Jewelry with beveled edge carving is perfect for a men’s wedding band or fashion accessory for the middle or pointer finger. Italo includes free shipping at its price wherever you live.

Tungsten carbide men’s band from Italo Jewelry

Men’s rings alternatives to Gold and Silver: Zirconia

Not to be confused with the man-made Zirconia (as in Cubic Zirconia). This is an extremely strong material that has been used in spacecraft and surgical instruments. Zirconium naturally begins as a silver color. However, when exposed to certain heat temperatures, it oxidizes and becomes permanently black.

Unlike metals that are plated or treated to appear black, the permanent black color of heated zirconium does not fade over time.

Zirconium is also the only permanently black material that is strong enough to allow for a diamond or gem setting. (When treated, ceramic will also remain permanently black, however, ceramic is not strong enough to hold gems.). Zirconium rings are valid as men’s rings alternatives to gold and silver.

This 6mm black zirconium shoulder cut ring with a 2mm diamond is like a shining star in the night sky. It can be crafted for maximum comfort and style to your specific measurements by John Greed’s team of jewelers. This brushed black Zirconium dome band ring comes with a stunning diamond. John Greed first sends a ring blank in your chosen size along with the size on either side so you can try until you are happy with the fit.

If you buy this ring you qualify for a free pair of earrings!

Black Zirconium dome ring by John Greed

Cobalt – An Affordable Alternative to White Gold or Platinum

Cobalt, which is usually alloyed with chromium to produce rings, has the shine and appearance of high-end white gold and platinum. The price, however, is far more affordable.

Cobalt chrome rings are also strong and durable. Not as strong as titanium or tungsten, but certainly stronger than gold. This affordably priced alternative is also incredibly scratch-resistant and will not corrode from exposure to water or humidity.

If you like white gold or platinum rings but do not necessarily love the price, cobalt rings could be the perfect alternative for you.


Palladium – Another Affordable Alternative to White Gold & Platinum

While palladium comes from the same metal family as platinum, it is much cheaper.  And just like platinum, it is a hypoallergenic metal with a silvery-white color and anti-tarnish properties.

Also used to produce intricate parts for watches, this metal is strong and long-lasting. And it’s the perfect choice for those who love the white gold shine but don’t want to spend too much of the dime.

This Palladium Court 4mm Wedding ring, for example, is crafted from tarnish-resistant Palladium. It has a bright white tone and is lightweight and durable. It’s an affordable ring that will last a lifetime and is available from FHinds UK.

palladium ring

Allergic to Metals? Try Carbon Fiber Rings

Rings made from carbon fiber are perfect for anyone allergic to metals because they are hypoallergenic. This incredibly strong material is made from strands of carbon twisted together and then woven into a carbon fabric.

Although five times stronger than steel, carbon fiber is much lighter. This makes it perfect for producing high-performance products like racing cars, spacecraft, and sporting equipment. Now, jewelers are using it to make sleek and stylish men’s rings too.

Check out this special-priced black carbon fiber and titanium steel men’s ring from Italo Jewelry. With a sleek finish, this 8 mm hypoallergenic ring in black and silver is a bold alternative.

Italo online offers free shipping and a special price.

Carbon fibre and titanium steel men's ring from Italo

Ceramic Rings – For Style in Any Color

Ceramic, also known as Ceramic Titanium Carbide, is another excellent hypoallergenic option for men’s rings. 100% organic, this natural substance is heated to an extremely high temperature to create ceramic.

You might imagine that a ceramic ring would easily shatter or break but the opposite is true. Also used to manufacture heat guards on spacecraft, ceramic titanium carbide is lightweight but as tough, sturdy, and hardwearing as tungsten.

Ceramic rings can be polished with a glossy sheen or a matte finish and can be made in almost any color.  Proving them to be an excellent choice for men who are drawn to non-traditional rings and accessories.

Show off your unique sense of style with this sleek black ceramic ring with stainless steel sides at a special price from Walmart online

ceramic and stainless steel ring

Wood Rings – For The Earthy Man

Wood might not be the first material to pop into your head when it comes to rings but it is experiencing a popular boost within the jewelry industry.

Bloodwood rings, for example, are made from the red timber of hardwood trees. And Burlwood, which comes from deformed trees, produces some stunning one-of-a-kind rings. Some wood rings also include an inlay or overlay of cobalt, tungsten, or other metals to add a modern touch.

If you’re looking for something unique check out this Tungsten Carbide rose-plated ring with a wood inlay.

The Tungsten and Wood ring comes at a special price from John Greed.

wood inlay tungsten ring


Men’s Rings Alternatives to Gold and Silver have expanded with modern men becoming more open and accustomed to wearing jewelry. Alternative metals and materials for rings are increasing in popularity. No longer limited to standard metals like gold and silver, men’s rings are now a form of personal expression.

Whether shiny or matte, affordable or expensive, black, colored, wood, or metal, the options for men’s rings in 2024 include something for everyone.

Each of the rings featured in our blog about alternatives to gold and silver men’s rings can be purchased via the direct links. While some are bespoke and made to measure, most include a wide range of sizes, as well as free delivery.

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