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Ciao! Welcome to Jewellery Reflections!

This is my Jewellery, as we call it in the UK, or Jewelry, as you call it across the pond blog!

So you want to look snazzy and would like to know more about some of the best affordable men’s and ladies’ jewelry brands? Especially RINGS!

Look no further: Engagement rings, wedding rings, LGBT rings, special occasion rings will all be covered. I shall cover materials, colors and give some advice on how to clean, how to store, avoid allergies and buy sustainably. I shall write about the history of jewelry with some specials on Italian Jewelry.

Audrey Hepburn Be Jewelled

How do I come into this you might ask? Well, it’s all in my family name….Goldsmith!

No one in the family has had anything to do with gold….until now. Here I am living within the shadows of Ponte Vecchio where jewelry lovers from all over the world make a beeline:

Ponte Vecchio Florence

After a career in the fashion business, I have decided to write about my favorite sector: jewelry! I shall concentrate on what was once a conspicuous display of wealth and status, a symbolic ornament, a token of power, religion, and belonging. I shall write about an adornment that can tell a great deal about your sexual orientation, taste, and aspiration.

Yes, I hope in this blog to become Lord Of The Ring!

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