Is Platinum better than Gold?

Is Platinum Better than Gold? Which is the best metal for your ring?

Is Platinum better than Gold?
Queen Elizabeth celebrated her Platinum Jubilee in 2022

Is Platinum better than Gold?

Let’s embark on a journey to uncover which of these precious metals is the one destined to encircle your finger. Your quest for the perfect ring may end right here, but the story of your choice is just beginning. So, let’s delve into the alchemy of metals and the magic they bestow.

What is Platinum?

Platinum is a noble metal with the symbol Pt and is a rare natural element found in Earth’s crust. Nearly 80% of platinum mines are found in South Africa.

Is Platinum better than Gold?

What is Gold?

Gold is a metallic yellow naturally forming element with the symbol AU. It is a malleable metal that is normally alloyed with other metals, to make it harder, such as copper or palladium.

Gold, revered throughout history, weaves a tapestry of tradition and sophistication. Its lustrous beauty has symbolized wealth and love for centuries. The choice between yellow, white, and rose gold allows you to express your unique style. Gold’s malleability also offers designers the canvas for intricate and personalized creations.

What does Platinum look like and when was it first used?

It appears as a silver-white mineral and is hard. Traces of Platinum have been found in ornamental metal working in the Ancient World in South America and Egypt.  However, it was not until the early 1800s that two Englishmen Wollaston and Tennant learned how to make the metal more malleable. Later in the century, this facilitated its use by Jewelers such as Cartier and Tiffany in fine jewelry.

William Hyde Wollaston

 Is Platinum better than Gold?

On the other hand, platinum, a metal of enduring purity and rarity, is renowned for its intrinsic value and exclusivity. It doesn’t tarnish or fade, making it an impeccable choice for an heirloom. Its subtle, platinum-white luster exudes a quiet, elegant charm that captivates those with a penchant for understated luxury.

It is harder than pure gold. Platinum jewelry is also used in a purer state which is normally 95%. On the scale of hardness, it is 4-4.5 compared to 2.5 for gold. Gold is never used in its pure state as it is too soft. So it is alloyed with another metal and the end result is similar. Platinum is much denser than gold. This means it is also stronger and heavier which can be seen as an advantage.


If your ring has prongs and you were to ask me ‘Is Platinum better than Gold’, the answer would be Yes! Platinum prongs are definitely stronger.

Check out this well-priced 4-prong platinum Petite Comfort fit engagement ring from Brilliant Earth which has a rounded inside edge for more comfort.

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Platinum ring from Brilliant Earth

Does Platinum tarnish or Rust?

The metal is highly resistant to corrosion or rust. The melting point is also much higher than gold.

Check out this spectacular Waverly diamond engagement ring from Brilliant Earth. Here the sparkling halo setting features beautiful pavé diamonds that encircle the center gem. Take advantage of their promotion of free diamond jewelry for purchases of over $1000 with free delivery.

Platinum ring by brilliantearth

Can Platinum scratch easily?

It does not scratch easily but if it is damaged by say a diamond it can happen.

Check out this 3mm domed platinum wedding band with a rounded inside edge for increased comfort from Brilliant Earth.

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platinum ring from Brilliant Earth

Another possibility is this beautiful 2.5 mm court wedding ring from John Greed UK which uses hand-finishing techniques to produce a ring that will last a lifetime. The price is very attractive too!

platinum 2.5 mm ring

So is white gold better?

White gold is mixed with silver-colored alloys. It is then dipped in rhodium which in the end makes it scratch-resistant. It also needs less repolishing. However, if you suffer from allergies the alloys might cause you a problem, especially nickel.

Platinum is used in a purer state which is normally 95%. This means it is hypoallergenic.

White gold is easier for re-sizing.

Check out this men’s classic 4 mm 18k gold wedding band with a minimalist slim profile and a lighter weight from Brilliant Earth.

Brilliant Earth offers free delivery and returns.

white gold by Brilliant Earth

Helzberg offers this wonderful lab-grown diamond platinum ring designed by British designer Jenny Packham.

Jenny is a favorite among Holywood stars such as Taylor Swift and Angelina Jolie. Helzberg has various promotional offers available and offers free delivery within the USA.

platinum diamond ring by Jenny Packham

Does white gold need less maintenance?

As previously mentioned white gold is dipped in Rhodium and if it wears away you will start seeing the yellow underneath. So it will have to be re-plated. It can cost up to $100 to be rhodium plated again.

Check out this spectacular 18kt rhodium-plated white gold diamond ring at less than $1000.

It would make an excellent promise or birthday ring.

white gold rhodium plated ring

Platinum ages differently. It doesn’t become yellow. Instead, a natural Platina is created making it less brilliant. If it is blessed with a diamond this will help exalt the brightness of the stone. If you don’t like this effect you can easily have it polished.

Can you buy Rhodium jewelry?

Well, Rhodium is a precious metal that is actually rarer and thus more expensive than platinum. However, it is too brittle to make jewelry but it is an excellent plating material that can give your gold ring a silvery shine. The rhodium plating is quite thin and may need to be re-done every two years.

What about the price?

Platinum is rarer than gold and so it is no surprise that it is considerably more expensive. Not only is it rarer but also heavier and purer. The high melting point means that the manufacturing process requires more preparation.

How to Clean Your Platinum Ring

Soaking in warm water with a mild neutral soap or washing-up liquid for about 30 minutes will dissolve most grime. Remember to dry with a soft cloth.

For more details check out my post:

Cleaning Rings and Storage Solutions, How to Keep Your Rings Sparkling!


So is Platinum better than Gold?

White gold and platinum are both great choices for a ring.

If it comes down to budget then you have your hands tied. Gold is not only cheaper but you can choose between 18, 14, or 10 K gold.

If you want a more classic ring and want to buy something that is more exclusive then a platinum ring may be your answer. Its cool white sheen gives maximum exposure to a diamond or moissanite and its strength will stand the test of time.

Worried about securing a diamond? Go for platinum.

70-year wedding anniversary? Congratulations! You have no choice! Platinum is better than Gold so start saving up!

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