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Let’s elevate your style with Vermeil Jewelry.

Gold Vermeil (pronounced ver-may) is a superior method of gold plating. The technique, where a silver base is covered with a thick layer of gold, was developed in France in the eighteenth century to prevent silver from tarnishing.

The process involves electroplating the silver by submerging it in a bath and then using an electric current to deposit a layer of gold finishing on top.

Check out this everyday vermeil luminescent enamel ring


What finishing can Vermeil Jewelry have?

For the USA market and most of Europe, the layer of gold must be at least 2.5 microns thick. It can have a 10k, 14k, 18k, or 24k finish.

The 14k or 18k options make for the best value.

Check out this 18k chunky oval gemstone ring in a great choice of colors.

vermeil with oval gemstone

However, be aware that Canadian legislation requires Vermeil jewelry to have only one micron of gold.

What colors does Vermeil jewelry come in?

Yellow gold is the most popular color for vermeil. But vermeil rings are also made with pink gold.

Check out this double vermeil snakeskin ring stack

serpent textured vermeil ring

Or check out this Men’s 18k sculptured ring

mens vermeil ring


How does normal gold plating compare?

The cheaper brands keep the cost down by selling gold-plated jewelry. The plating is often very thin with as little as 0,05% actual gold. Most of these accessories are made in India or China. The base metal is brass, copper, or a low-value metal with a nickel layer.

The nickel acts as a buffer before the actual plating and can cause allergy problems.

What is the advantage of buying Vermeil jewelry?

Vermeil Jewelry is far less expensive than buying ‘real gold and less expensive than gold-filled items. It is also better quality than gold-plated jewelry as the base metal is silver and the gold layer is more consistent.

Thus many contemporary fashion brands are creating more and more Vermeil jewelry. As it is less expensive to buy it allows consumers to change their jewelry looks more frequently.

Is Vermeil Jewelry hypoallergenic?

The sterling silver base means that it is more hypoallergenic than gold-plated jewelry which uses base metal alloys such as zinc or nickel. Even if the gold rubs off with time, silver rarely causes allergies. Thus it is highly improbable that your finger will turn green!

Obviously, the more karats the gold finishing has the better it is.

10k gold involves more alloys than 18k gold.

How long does gold Vermeil last?

The silver base gives this type of jewelry a big advantage. Silver is much harder than gold. If the gold finishing is of good quality and thickness then there is no reason why your jewel can’t last years. After years of use should the gold rub off it can easily be replated.

Does the gold finishing tarnish?

If you treat your vermeil rings like gold jewelry and take off rings when you wash up or clean the house you should not have many problems, especially when wearing the higher caratage. Try and keep your rings dry and wipe them with a soft cloth if necessary.

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Check out this Bottega Veneta sculptural vermeil ring suitable for men and women.

bottega veneta vermeil ring


Quality Gold vermeil plating is around 5 times thicker than normal gold plating making it much more long-lasting! Its silver base is hypoallergenic and it is becoming more popular with important fashion as well as top designer brands.

It is more affordable than solid gold but is still a deluxe option.

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  1. Wow, what an enchanting piece on vermeil jewelry! I’ve always been fascinated by its exquisite brilliance, and this blog truly captured its essence. The way the gold shines through the sterling silver base is absolutely mesmerizing.

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  3. Wonderful article!! Absolutely in love with vermeil jewelry. The combination of sterling silver and luxurious gold plating creates such a stunning and elegant look.

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