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What is a Shank on a Ring?The Ring Shank

is simply the shape of the ring. There are endless variations of Shank Styles but in this post, I shall look at 12 of the best.

The classic plain shank

This is probably the most common shank and is a ring of understated elegance. It is often used with solitaires such as this classic ring from Aurate New York:

Check out this Emerald-Cut Solitaire Lab-Grown Diamond Ring in a 4 prong settingsolitaire ring by Aurate

Aurate is the new kid on the block founded by Sophie Khan and Bouchra Ezzahraoui which has quickly become a favorite among fashionistas.

Hello ,halo,hello!

The classic style can also be worn with a halo setting too. The Halo diamond is a setting with a center stone surrounded by a “halo” of small round pavé or micro pavé stones. Check out the one below

A sparkling 6mm round diamond is the center of this halo-style setting pavé ring with 4 prongs. The band is set with 28 1.2 mm diamondshalo diamond ring by Aurate


Your Classic ring can be ‘stoned’ as you desire

So it might be embellished with two or three stones.

Check out this version from Aurate New York with 3 diamonds:

A sparkling 5.5 mm square cushion-cut diamond is flanked by two 4.2 mm square cushion cut diamonds on a classic gold band

Triple diamond ring by Aurate

Here the round cut side stones exalt the shape of the 1.5 Carat center stone on a classic shank of 14k white gold-pure harmony! Available from GabrielNYTriple diamond ring by GabrielNY

The Tapered shank

A variation of the classic ring is where it tapers off to highlight the central stone. AurateNY has created this stunning Cushion Cut Tapered Baguette Diamond ringTapered baguette diamond ring by Aurate

This tapered shank diamond ring in 18k white gold is a real masterpiece with a palladium finish. It carries one round 1/2 ct center diamond and 8 accent diamonds. It is available through Helzberg Diamonds with an end-of-year discount. Plus if you write the promotional code YES15 you will get a further discount.

tapered ring

The Knife Edge

Whether or not your relationship is hanging over a knife edge this could be the ring to buy. Basically, it creates an optical illusion whereby as the metal band looks more petite it draws our attention to the gem making it seem larger.

Deep Shank

Here a more generous shank will give you more space for stones if you are so inclined!

Check out this 14K white gold round wide band Diamond engagement ring by GabrielNYWide band ring by GabrielNY

Split Shank

Here the split in the shank makes the whole ring spread out and seem larger. It also appears to be more dramatic and bold!

The split can be in various shapes and the stone setting can vary.

Check out this ring from Gabrielny:

This spectacular ring in 14K white-rose gold is encrusted with Pavé diamonds and a round 0.7  Ct diamond.

Split_shank white rose gold engagement ringOr this beauty from Helzberg at a very special price:

British designer Jenny Packham has conceived this elegant Platinum engagement ring with a half-carat center stone in a split-shank.

If you buy with the special code: YES15 you will get a welcome 15% discount.Split-shank diamond ring by Jenny Packham

The split opening can vary so it can house smaller or larger stones

GabrielNY has conceived this contemporary 0.33ct diamond engagement ring in a 14k white gold split-shank design:

Split-shank 14k engagement ring by GabrielNY

Criss-Cross Shank

Here two metallic rows will as the name suggests cross over each over. The metal can be in two different colors. The criss-cross can be used with or without a halo setting with accents along the shaft.

Check out this dainty well-priced 14K yellow gold criss-cross ring with 29 round cut diamonds from Aurate New York.

criss-cross ring

Bypass shank

This will give you an interesting asymmetrical look. The band seems to flow around the stone. One side swirls around the top of the stone and the other around the bottom.

Check out this specially priced diamond bypass ring in silver. It gracefully sweeps around the center diamond.bypass ring

Abstract Asymmetrical Shank

A variation on this theme but with a more abstract swirl could be something like this:

This ethereal 14k white rose gold ring has been designed in a two-tone style with Pavé diamonds

Asymmetrical 14k ring by GabrielNY

Chevron v-shape

This popular shape is associated with the up and down moments that we encounter in life. The v shape is, of course, also linked to Victory. Whatever reason you decide to buy this type of ring it is certainly a very decisive look.

Check out this 14K rose gold round v-shape diamond ring available from GabrielNY

Chevron ring by GabrielNY


Free Form rings

This stunning robot-like free-form ring is not for the faint-hearted. This ballerina ring is in 14k white gold and features two rows of pavé diamonds and a round cut center stone

ring shank

This ring is inspired by the East. It is an 18K solid white gold pavé diamond band ring designed by Artisan New York and available through Wolf &Badger

Free-form 18k ring by Artisan

The Cathedral Shank

The Cathedral Shank puts the gem on a pedestal. The arches form a triangle where the shank and setting meet.

Check out this classic cathedral-style engagement ring in Platinum. Two columns of stunning  diamonds ascend to form a breathtaking Cathedral setting

cathedral ring

Braided twisted shank

The shank twists around the finger like a braid. The effect is graceful

Check out this Charles & Colvard moissanite ring available from Helzberg. This braided ring is in 14K white gold with a 7.5 mm round Moissanite lab-created gem.
braided moissanite ring

The Floral look

Here the flowers and leaves emphasize the romantic look of these shanks.

Check out this 14k white gold Art Deco Floral diamond ring

Floral art deco by GabrielNY


Exalt her hand and perhaps your love choosing the best shank available. The choice is vast just like your love!

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