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The Perfect Fit: A Guide to Choosing the Best Ring for your hand

Choosing the best ring for your hand is a personal and subjective thing. The choice is vast.

Check out this unconventional one-size rainbow-shaped arc ring available through the House of Fraser at a very competitive price.

rainbow-shaped ring

This guide will help you narrow down the options.

Particular rings flatter different finger types.

Consider the shape of your hand, skin type, and lifestyle.

Then read on for tips on how to choose what will look best on your fingers.

Best ring for your hand with Long Slender Fingers?

Lucky you! Your choice is endless!

You could try a pear or oval-shaped stone or even go for a Halo setting which is normally a center diamond surrounded by smaller stones.

Check out this sterling silver pink sapphire pear-cut engagement ring.

c00601141 4

Or check out this 14k vintage-inspired ornate halo ring available in white or yellow gold, pink gold, or platinum:

Certainly, a wide band with a larger stone will make you look elegant!

Check out this wide band affordable Princess cut ring in sterling silver

211056 2

Even a three-stone ring would look good on long fingers as it would create a great balance and add some sparkle.

Check out this silver three-stone cushion-cut sapphire ring

c00601237 1

If your fingers are particularly slender a square-shaped princess-cut or emerald-cut diamond would make your fingers seem wider.

Check out this Vermeil vintage-inspired emerald cut ring at a VERY special price available in yellow, rose, and white. There are seven stone options for this ring.

For more information about Vermeil check out my post ‘What is Vermeil Jewelry ‘

AurateSummer2 1200x

What type of ring flatters a small hand with Short Fingers?

Consider choosing a narrower band. This will give the impression that your fingers are longer.

Buy a ring with a smaller stone so as not to overwhelm your hand perhaps with a halo setting. A simple solitaire might suit you better.

Check out this Freesia solitaire ring available in gold and platinum

Go for a vertical setting as this will seem to elongate your fingers.

Check out this 14k white gold moissanite vertical art-deco style ring from Charles and Colvard curr available with a 50% discount if you press the button below quickly!

vertical stone

If you are buying an engagement ring, choose an oval or pear-shaped diamond instead of a round one.

How do you draw attention away from big knuckles and large hands?

A wider band will help balance the proportion of a large hand. Start with a width of 8mm.

An angular shape rather than a soft round shape will help too.

Check out this design idea from Brilliant Earth which excels at making custom-made rings.

custom-made design ring

A larger center stone or maybe multiple stones would not be out of keeping. Go for it!

Think about your skin tone

If you have a darker skin-tone yellow or even black or dark blue might be a good choice.

Check out this 18k coastal ombre ring shimmering with diamonds, sapphires, aquamarines, and blue topaz.

coastal ombre ring

 If you have paler skin go for white gold or platinum.

Check out this timeless platinum three stone pear shaped engagement ring:

platinum three stone pear shaped engagement ring

How about a ring for stout fingers?

Again a wider band would help hide your fingers and make the ring more proportional.

Check out this 14k yellow gold vertical line wide band ring

14K Yellow Gold Vertical Line Wide Band Puff Ring LR51951Y4JJJ 1

If you are looking for a ring with a stone, go for a stone with an elongated shape. This could be an oval, pear, or even a marquise-shaped stone. An elongated shape will give the illusion of a slimmer finger.

Check out this 14k white gold chevron diamond ring

chevron diamond ring

Do you have an active lifestyle?

In this case, consider a ring with a durable and strong metal such as Platinum. This metal also has the advantage of being hypoallergenic and low maintenance as it does not tarnish.

Check out this unique and sophisticated bezel-edge platinum ring called Noemi

platinum ring

If you are lucky enough to have a ring with a precious stone, get one with a bezel setting. This will give you excellent protection. It will also prevent your stone from being caught on things.

Check out the Luna Bezel ring in 18K gold

bezel edge ring

You don’t like a bezel setting?

Avoid buying a princess-cut diamond with its sharp edges. Instead, buy a round one.


Normally when you try on clothes you choose the outfit that is most flattering. Buying rings uses the same concept.

There is always a ring style to flatter your hand. If you are buying online there are even technologies that show you what a ring looks like on your hand.

Consider factors such as comfort, durability, and maintenance.

More importantly, the best ring for your hand will be the one that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

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