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It’s never been a better time to come out and show off your Pride Jewelry since Marriage equality is now legal in many places.


Pride Jewelry

Marriage equality is fairly recent in the USA

On June 26, 2015, President Barack Obama signed into law the United States’ first federal legislation on same-sex marriage.

Marriage Equality in Europe

In June 2015, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that countries in Europe must make same-sex marriage legal.

At present 16 countries in Europe recognize and perform same-sex marriages and many more, but not all, recognize some kind of civil union.

Same-sex marriage can now take place in the UK, following the enactment of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013.”

Italy established civil unions in 2016.

Keep Calm Gay Rights

How many LGBTQ athletes were at the Olympic Games in Tokyo?

olympic _games_ Tokyo_ 2021_Jewelleryreflections_com

According to an article by ‘Outsports’ at least 181 LGBTQ athletes were at the  Olympic Games in Tokyo. The huge increase in the number of athletes coming out reflects the growing acceptance of LGBTQ people in sports and society in general.

British diver Tom Daley aged 27 came out as gay in 2013. In Tokyo, after winning a gold medal with diving partner Matty Lee he tweeted:

”I feel incredibly proud to say I am a gay man and also an Olympic champion’.

10 LGBT Jewelry Symbols on Pride Jewelry

The gay community recognizes itself with many symbols :

The Rainbow Flag

Gilbert Baker created the 8-color rainbow flag for the 1978 San Francisco Gay Freedom Day. Today, 2 horizontal stripes prevail. Red at the top and violet at the bottom represent the diversity of the community around the world.

rainbow color meanings

The Pink Triangle

In the 1970s the downward-pointing pink triangle became a symbol of protest. The Nazis notoriously used it during the war.


Gender Symbols

Interlocked gender symbols which derive from the astronomical symbols for Mars and Venus

pink triangle

Freedom rings

Freedom rings designed by David Spada are six aluminum rings in the color of the rainbow flag.



Tom Doerr chose the lower-case Greek letter lambda as a symbol of a New York gay chapter.


Transgender Symbols

Transgenders use a combination of female and male symbols.


White Knot.

Same-sex marriages are often symbolized by the white knot.


Green Carnation

Oscar Wilde often wore a green carnation on his lapel


Bisexual Symbol

Bisexuals used the double moon



A colorful handkerchief in the form of a bandana in the back pocket emerged in the 1970’s.


Many of these symbols can be found in rings.

LGBT jewelry symbols can make your life more colorful!

What is a Promise or Couple Ring?

A Promise Ring or Couple Ring is essentially a symbol of a romantic commitment. It goes beyond dating and comes often, but not always, before an engagement or marriage. They were fashionable during the Victorian period when perhaps a short poetic phrase was engraved. They, then,  gained popularity in the last decade.

It is traditionally worn on the ring finger of the left hand but some have chosen to wear it on a chain around the neck.

It is popular both with gay and heterosexual couples. A Promise ring simply shows that your heart belongs to another.

Check out this 18k vermeil ring with rainbow colored Zirconia stones from Sif Jakobs

rainbow  colored zirconia ring

 What does it look like and when is it given?

Here, there are no rules!

Check out this gold-finished Dior ring embellished with white resin pearls and red lacquer.

1701107078 R1931WOMLQ D309 E09 GH

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When do you buy an Eternity ring?

An Eternity ring is, of course, a symbol of eternal love and commitment and is normally bought to mark a special occasion such as an anniversary.

What is its origin and what does it look like?

The Ancient Egyptians crafted Eternity rings to symbolize the circle of life. After a clever advertising campaign by DeBeers in the 1960s, they gained popularity. At the time they had access to cheap uncut diamonds which they sold as a linear unbroken circle of diamonds set in a ring of precious metal. Today you can buy half, three-quarter, or full eternity options.

Check out this delicate eternity ring with a thread of scalloped pavé-set diamonds. This glamorous ring looks great when stacked!

Brilliant earth eternity ring

Asexual Rings

‘AVEN’ is the online Asexual Visibility and Education Network. David Jay launched it in 2001. According to the community, the ace (slang term for asexual) ring is always worn on the middle finger of the right hand.

AVEN also affirms that the material and design of the ring are not important as long as it is black.

 Why do people wear asexual rings?

Essentially, people wear them because they are proud of their Asexuality.

Freedom rings

Freedom rings, designed by David Spada, are six aluminum rings. Each ring is in one of the colors of the rainbow flag. They symbolize happiness and diversity. Gay people wear them by themselves or as part of bracelets, necklaces, and key chains.


 LGBT ring, which hand?

In the West, the left hand is normally where you would wear an engagement or a wedding ring. The right hand is more predominant in the East, especially in India and Russia but also in Germany. In a Jewish traditional wedding ceremony, the ring is also placed on the right index finger.

However, if you are left-handed the opposite may be true. Gay folk also like to be different and thus follow left-handers! There are people in the gay community who think that same-sex marriage should be no different from a heterosexual relationship and thus follow suit.

And which Finger or Thumb?

Lesbians and bisexuals often wear a ring on the thumb perhaps as an act of defiance according to the Urban Dictionary. They want to differentiate themselves from where heterosexuals normally wear their rings.

Pinky Ring

Traditionally men would wear signet rings, with their family crest, on their pinky finger.

Members of the gay community will wear a ring on the pinky finger as a proud sign of belonging. You don’t have to be gay to do it and in fact, some do so as a way to show support. Nowadays Pinky rings are more of a fashion statement.

Check out this non-precious gold and crystal cluster dome adjustable ring.

crystal cluster dome adjustable ring

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Wedding and Engagement Rings

In the USA, traditionally, a wedding band on the right fourth finger indicates engagement. A band on the left fourth finger indicates marriage.

There is no hard and fast rule in the gay community. Wearing engagement rings has lost its popularity among straight men. In the gay community, it is definitely more frequent.

However, Older more traditional gay men will only wear one ring, not two. In this instance, the engagement ring will often double as a wedding band.

Two-tone men’s wedding rings with or without stones make a good match for two guys. Silver is masculine-looking and never goes out of style.

Lesbians tend to wear their engagement ring and wedding band next to each other on the same finger but it all comes down to personal taste.

There are countless rings to express your love with. They can be adorned with scintillating stones in gold, silver, or other precious metals. Start off by checking these online offers and personalize them to symbolize your new life.

Check out this Champagne and yellow Topaz Heart Cut wedding band

topaz heart cut wedding band

Are Nose Rings a symbol of being gay?

Women traditionally wear nose rings in the Indian sub-continent. Western hippies traveling in the 60s brought the custom back to the West. This has been picked up by our pop culture in the last few decades by singers like Lady Gaga, David Bowie, etc.

I would say that it is more of a symbol of rebellion than a symbol of the gay community.

However, I would say that there seem to be more outlandish rings in the gay community than in straight.

What Type of Nose Ring should you wear?

There are three basic types of piercings for your nose:




Stud piercings are the easiest to pull off, as you can find very small ones if this is your first experience.

Hoops and Septums are more eye-catching and possibly more popular in the gay community.


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Why not show off that rainbow jewelry?

Pride rings are usually made up of six stones like the color of the rainbow red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Keep the creative juices flowing and use flags, hearts, words, etc.

Check out this multicolor crystal baguette ring from Kenneth Jay Lane

multi-colored ring

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