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Rock your look: Unveiling Stylish Men’s Earrings Online in 2023

The journey of men’s earrings spans centuries, from ancient civilizations to contemporary fashion.

Men's Earrings

In the dynamic world of fashion, accessories are the key to expressing individuality and style. You don’t have to be a pirate to don an earring!

 Men’s earrings have emerged as a trend that’s transcending boundaries and challenging conventions. From casual to formal occasions, these small but impactful adornments are making a statement like never before.

We shall be looking at:

  • Stud earrings
  • Hoop earrings
  • Drop earrings
  • Dangles
  • Statement earrings
  • Special Occasion earrings

 The Rise of Men’s Earrings

punks with Men's Earrings

Once relegated to specific subcultures, men’s earrings have now found their way into the mainstream fashion scene. It is not just about accessorizing: it’s about redefining masculinity and embracing self-expression.

Johnny Depp

Exploring the Versatility of Men’s Earrings

In everyday fashion, men’s earrings offer an array of possibilities:

Embracing Minimalism: Stud earrings for a timeless Look

Stud earrings are timeless pieces. Their understated elegance is perfect for adding a touch of style to any outfit. They effortlessly blend with any attire, both casual and formal. They contribute to letting your personality shine through.

If you are wearing a colorful outfit choose simple silver or gold studs. Instead, colorful studs would match well with a monochromatic outfit.

With short hair, larger studs make more of a statement.

So smaller studs look good with long hair.

If this is your first men’s earrings purchase then check out this single yellow-gold vermeil stud with a white topaz at a great price from Kendra Scott.

men's earrings

Remember vermeil is silver-based and should not give you a problem with allergies. To find out what vermeil jewelry is, read my post:


Another great-priced single stud in 14k white gold could be with a moissanite like this one from Charles & Colvard:

download 24

 Hoop Men’s Earrings for Everyday Wear

Hoop men’s earrings bring a sense of effortless charm to your look. Whether in small or large sizes, hoops are versatile and can easily transition from day to night.

Check out this classic mini-hinged hoop earring in vermeil gold from Missoma

mini hinged hoop earring

Check out these Crossover Huggie earrings available in vermeil and 14k gold from Aurate New York


What are Men’s Drop Earrings?

As the name says they are men’s earrings that just drop below the earlobe. They are usually simple accessories perhaps with a gem-stone or some kind of beading.

Step up your accessory game with drop earrings designed for modern gentlemen.

Check out this hinged hoop earring in sterling silver featuring a drop baroque pearl:

men's earring

Dangles: Adding Playful Flair to Casual Attire

Dangle earrings instead are longer and swing with movement. They introduce a playful element to your style. There is a huge variety of designs and lengths. So you can experiment with your heart’s desire.

Check out these blackened silver snake and sword men’s earrings


Statement and quirky men’s earrings

If you want to put it out there, you can find a myriad of men’s earrings online, from skulls to chandeliers and beyond.

Check out this silver single skull earring from Thomas Sabo

skull earring

What kind of Earrings match up with work and business attire?

Minimalist earrings are the best match for work surroundings. Unless you work in a creative industry.

These might be small geometric shapes or very simple studs

Special Occasion Earrings for Men: Redefining Formal Elegance.

For a black-tie event, you can’t go wrong with a diamond-studded earring. They are luxurious pieces that make a lasting impression.

Check out this 18k gold diamond studded earring from Brilliant Earth

BE304RD75LC yellow top

The most common diamond stud carat weight is between 0-25 and 1 carat. This could be the total weight for a pair.

Of course, if you want something eye-catching you could go up to 1-25 carats and maybe buy a single stud.

Check out this single-stud earring with a round brilliant cut diamond in 14k gold from Ruby & Oscar

diamond stud

Make sure your diamond is secured with at least four prongs if not six. Otherwise, you could consider a bezel setting. However, this may compromise the amount of light reflected from your diamond.

Check out these bezel stud earrings available in yellow, rose or white gold from Aurate New York

download 23

Make it rock with a black diamond

For a bolder look, you might try a black diamond. This is more edgy and will give you a  modern look. Black diamonds are increasing in popularity.

Most black diamonds used in jewelry get their color through high-pressure treatment.

Check out these black & white diamonds with gold teeth skull earrings from Lazzaro SoHo New York

black diamond skull earring

Earrings for Groom’s

You could start by wearing a sophisticated earring to complement your wedding attire. Then, personalizing them by engraving his initials or a special date adds a nice touch.

Choosing the right materials

Gold exudes luxury whereas Silver offers versatility and a better price.

You can venture beyond traditional materials with stainless steel for durability.

Check out these cleverly constructed 14k gold-plated earrings with a silver stud bar. Thus the bar that has contact with your ear is hypoallergenic. The cubic zirconia complete the earrings which are on sale at Amazon at a great price.

square studs

Balance and proportion: How to choose the right size

Earring size matters when it comes to balance and proportion.

A larger earring would seem to elongate your neck.

Smaller ones provide subtle elegance.

What size should your piercing be?

The average stud earring is size 20 gauge. Remember the gauge is the thickness of the barbell. A 22 gauge is thinner than an 18 gauge as the gauge is counted in reverse. Thus most earlobe piercings are from size 18-20.

Which ear do guys wear an earring in?

There is no rule here! It’s not as though the left is straight and the right is gay or vice-versa! Choose as you please.

How long does it take for a piercing to heal?

Normally around 6 weeks minimum. Thus it’s best to keep in your starter earring for at least 6 weeks. Make sure it is nickel-free to avoid any allergy problems.

A ‘starter’ is always a basic stud. It’s best to start with a minimum of 14k solid gold, titanium, surgical-grade stainless steel, or silver.

Check out these Hypoallergenic Titanium earrings from Amazon. They would make excellent starters.

81TeWzpKFCL. AC SL1500

After the 6-week period, you can experiment with different earrings if you wish to.

If you want an earring for a particular event you have to plan ahead.

Check out my post:


No Piercing, No Problem: Men’s EarCuffs

Men’s ear cuffs are a type of jewelry designed to be worn without the need for piercings. They have gained popularity as a fashion accessory for men in recent years, offering a unique and edgy style.

They’re a great alternative for men who don’t like studs.

Check out these nickel free silver ear cuffs from Amazon.

ear cuffs

Ear cuffs are designed to be worn by clamping or wrapping around different parts of the ear, such as the helix (the upper rim of the ear) or the cartilage. Some cuffs have a hinged or clip-on design for easy attachment.

Men’s earcuffs can be worn alone as a statement piece or paired with other earrings or piercings for a layered look. Experiment with different combinations to achieve your desired style.

How to clean your earrings

You can safely clean your earrings at home by soaking them in warm water with a mild washing-up liquid. You can use a soft–bristled brush if you need to. You should rinse and pat dry with a soft clean cloth immediately after.

Storing and traveling with earrings

Small pouches will keep your earrings organized and accessible. For more information check out my post:

Cleaning Rings and Storage Solutions: How to keep your Jewelry Clean and Sparkling.


Men’s earrings are both modern and stylish. These crossover accessories celebrate diversity and creativity.

Fashion is a personal choice, and what matters most is finding a style that suits your personality and complements your overall look. Whether you prefer a subtle and understated earring or cuff or a bold and eye-catching design, men’s earrings can be a distinctive addition to your accessory collection.

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