Engagement ring Trends for 2023

Emerging Engagement Ring Trends of 2024: How the gems of desire are evolving.

Engagement ring trends vary every year. Those cherished symbols of profound love and unwavering commitment, have captured hearts for centuries

Let’s look at some of the prevailing popular ones that go beyond the classical solitaire setting. Yes, the one which stems from the famous ‘A diamond is forever’ campaign of 1948!

Women are now looking for bold, interesting settings or designs and perhaps colorful more exciting stones.

The Engagement Ring Trends: The Vintage Trend

There has been an interest in vintage for the last 6 years or so and this will continue into 2024.

After a period of uncertainty, vintage brings back family memories and connections with personal stories.

Victorian, Art Deco and Edwardian styles are stealing hearts once again. With filigree work, milgrain edging, and unique details, these rings transport you to an era of timeless romance. It’s like wearing a piece of history on your finger!

Check out this vintage Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra 18K White Gold Diamond Ring available from the Luxury Closet. For a very limited time use the code FLAT25 and get 25% off

luxury women van cleef and arpels used fine jewelry p868309 008

Or this vintage Cartier ring also available from The Luxury Closet

Vintage Cartier ring

Art Deco Engagement Ring Trends

Inspiration from the roaring 1920s is still strong. Thus you will find mixes of colored gemstones that have been set at angular lines perhaps around a larger stone. Perfect for couples who are looking for a unique, timeless ring.

Check out this diamond art- deco-style ring in 18k gold from Brilliant Earth

download 35

The Halo Engagement ring trends

The ornate Halo designs are on trend from shops specializing in Vintage items. In fact, after the solitaire ring, they are the second most popular.

Check out this 14K moissanite halo ring in white gold from Charles & Colvard

Halo ring

Contemporary jewelry with vintage Inspiration

More and more contemporary rings are inspired by vintage designs. These rings are a classic symbol of timeless glamour.

Check out this vintage-inspired Nouveau Diamond ring with shimmering pavé diamonds available in rose gold, white, yellow, and platinum.

vintage inspired engagement ring

Unique Gemstone Choices

Move over, diamonds – there’s a new gem in town!

Alternative gemstones are stealing the spotlight as couples seek to break away from tradition. Sapphires, emeralds, and rubies are popping up on ring fingers everywhere, adding a vibrant burst of color to love stories. With unique cuts and settings, these non-traditional gems are ready to shine and steal the show.

Check out this beautiful blue round sapphire ring available in white, yellow, pink, and platinum gold from Brilliant Earth.

blue sapphire ring

Increasing demand for colored gemstones like sapphires

Think of rich colors like dark blues and deep greens. Look out also for striking pale hues like pastel pink, shimmering yellow, and jade or olive green.

Princess Diana helped fuel the demand when she chose a sapphire engagement ring (surrounded by diamonds). Kate Middleton also wore a similar combination for her ring.

Check out this very well-priced Sapphire milgrain vintage ring from Italo

sapphire milgrain vintage

Toi Et Moi Engagement Ring Trends

Two stone rings, also known as the Toi Et Moi style, have been around for centuries. The different stones complement each other, just as a couple does. Sentimentality and togetherness jump to mind with this style. Remember Jackie Kennedy’s ring?

It consisted of a diamond mixed with an emerald in a stunning Van Cleef & Arpels ring.

Check out this moissanite 14k white gold engagement ring from Charles & Colvard

toi et moi ring

Three-stone Engagement ring trends

After the setbacks experienced by many couples in the last two years, girls are looking for grand gestures. The trilogy ring consisting of a larger center stone flanked by two smaller ones is definitely on trend. It often uses mixes of precious stones.

Each stone is supposed to represent the past, the present, and the future.

Three Stone Ring

Placed on either side of a diamond, emeralds, and sapphires, in particular, are emerging as popular choices. For something completely different check out this 100% recycled gold vermeil ring with 3 pearls from Aurate at a very competitive price.

What is an East-West Engagement Ring?

It is a ring with a setting where the stone is horizontal on the band. It gives the ring a sleeker look. It makes the center stone appear larger.

Check out this East-West setting which updates this beautiful diamond ring.

setting template main 4

See other shape shanks in my post:

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What shape diamond is on trend?

The traditional round-cut diamond is being replaced by the oval and pear-shaped diamond. Pear-shaped diamonds are growing in popularity due to their unconventional shape and sparkle factor. They appear more sparkly than most other cuts.

Check out this Riviera Cathedral Pavé diamond ring in 18k yellow gold.

pear shape diamond cathedral ring

Round and Princess cut stones are also proving popular in the Halo style. Cushion-cut diamonds are trending too.

What color metal is on trend?

As well as the traditional yellow gold women are being given rose gold and even silver bands. Mixes of materials such as enamel or wood are also popular.

If gold is used to make it slightly different try finding a ring with a ribbed or satin finish.

What type of diamond?

The tendency is for lab-grown diamonds. These are diamonds that have been created in a laboratory. They have the same chemical properties and look the same. Yet they are more ethical, sustainable, and above all affordable.

For more information about lab-grown diamonds check out my post:

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Pavé rings –for the ultimate sparkle

If Halo rings exude glamour, then pavé rings are oozing luxurious grandeur. Intricate diamonds along the band draw attention to a mesmerizing center stone.

Check out this Pavè twisted vine ring available in yellow, pink, white gold, and platinum

pavé twisted vine ring

Bezel Settings-for the modern active Woman

The Bezel setting draws attention to a central diamond that is held in place by a metal edging. Perfectly suited to today’s active woman, the stone is more protected. The band is normally narrow so that the focus is on the sparkle.

Check out this 14k white gold bezel-set Pavé diamond engagement ring available from Ritani. It is also available in 18k yellow and white gold.

bezel set ring

Sustainable Engagement Rings:

Are you an eco-conscious lovebird? Well, you’re in luck! Sustainable engagement rings are all the rage. From eco-friendly materials to lab-grown diamonds and gemstones, couples are embracing socially responsible bling. And the best part? These rings are not only guilt-free but also boast innovative designs incorporating recycled metals.

Check out Brilliant Earth whose ” mission is to cultivate a more transparent, sustainable, compassionate & inclusive jewelry industry.

lab diamonds

In conclusion

And there you have it, the mesmerizing engagement ring trends of 2024! So, lovebirds, it’s time to explore, dream, and find the ring that perfectly captures your unique love story. Remember, no matter the trend, the most important aspect is the love and commitment it represents. Happy ring hunting!

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